2015. New Year New Me.

Just kidding! That's my favorite saying right now, it's funny. It's funny because it's not true, for anyone. 

I've thought briefly about resolutions and goals. Nothing concrete or set in stone, I'm still catching up work wise from 2014. I did through a rambling Facebook post come up with my word of the year. 


This year I want ease. Not that everything can be easy, but I skip the struggle. I will take better care of myself and ask for help. Including an opening for an admin assistant in case you know anyone. Preferably they're well versed in Studio Webware but the right person can be trained on it. 

I also plan to check in here more often. So many cool events and projects took place in 2014 and I failed to share with you. Hopefully I can share some of it soon and then we'll move on to exciting 2015 JHD plans.

Thanks for following along! I wish you nothing but good things this year!

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