5 Tips for Selecting a Front Door with Personality

Boston Doors

On a recent trip I took to Boston with my Mr. Wonderful I noticed so many amazing doors, front doors specifically. The front door to your home can make such a significant impact on the front of your house & how your house is perceived to the passerby. The front door can easily dictate the style of the home, the homeowners personality or add the pop of color to differentiate your home from your neighbors.

1. Form follows function, so first of all your front door must be strong enough to withstand the elements & provide security. Solid wood doors & wood veneer doors can both peel & crack when exposed to the elements. But peeling paint is a common problem for steel & metal doors, although the price is usually significantly less for steel or metal doors. If I were to replace my front door I would select a Mahogany solid wood. Genuine Mahogany seems to stand up well to the elements. Keep in mind all front doors require routine maintenance to maintain their original look.

2. Consider painting your front door a different color than the rest of your home. I think of front doors like scarves, they don't have to match the outfit exactly, they are there to add life & color. An easy way to determine a color for your door is to take a picture of your home from across the street, print the picture several times in black & white & use colored pencils to try different options. Don't be afraid to think out of the box, you may just start a new trend!

3. Reclaimed doors are an excellent option when you're looking for a door with personality. A simple search of the internet reveals so many options for antique reclaimed doors. Keep in mind your measurements! It would be such a bummer to purchase an amazing door only to find it doesn't fit when you try to install it. Houston has several local sources for antique doors as I'm sure your hometown does. Habitat for Humanity stores are also a great resources for recycling doors.

4. Remember the style of your house. A front door should highlight the style, not become a distraction. If your home has clean simple lines you'll want to stay away from heavily ornamented doors, but doors similar to above with the curved moldings are a great choice. If you can't seem to decide on a style, try walking through a few neighborhoods & specifically notice the different doors they used for inspiration.

5. Does your entry need some daylight shining in? Selecting a door with glass is a great way to add natural light to your entry. Many glass doors have leaded or etched designs to provide beauty & privacy. If you're uncomfortable with glass doors due to privacy, adding a glass transom is a great way to bring light into your entry without having glass in your door. This is also an excellent way to add architectural detail to your exterior.

If you choose to spruce up your front door I'd love to see pictures! Also if you'd like to see what your home would look like with an exterior facelift or new color combination send me an email with a picture of your home & I'll feature the redo on my blog!