And I'm Back.

I never intended to take such an extended hiatus from my website. Time snuck up on me. My life has changed in enormous ways since we last spoke. I got married, honeymooned, remodeled my own bathroom, had our landscaping redone, took on many new design projects, began a full on overhaul of this site & my business & I've been assisting another designer quite a bit. I know we're all so busy, that's certainly not an excuse, just catching you up really. I feel like I'm finally finding my stride in the Interior Design world and my own life. I guess that's what an impending birthday will do to a person. For awhile design has felt like work. Not fun work, just work. I didn't want to talk about it, I just had to keep my head down & keep working through it. I see that time now as getting through a creative block. The block may have even been bigger than a creative block, like a life block. I'm very much still getting over the block, but I'm finally on the downslide, I see the light. It feels weird & therapeutic to talk about that here. I'm loving working & designing again. It feels good. Like really good.

I am excited to share, talk & collaborate with you guys again! Here's some sneaks into projects I've been working on....

Dining Room Redo

Just some finishing touches to finish & this dining room will have been transformed.

Nursery in progress

In progress nursery for a soon to arrive cutie.


Bedroom nearly complete

Nearly finished master bedroom. I am completely in love with this space.


Photo shooting a kitchen

I'm currently shooting a remodeled kitchen, I love styling kitchens.


Shower curtain finished

I am so excited to have the shower curtain I designed for myself finally hung, it really completes the bathroom.

Custom built-ins concept sketch

I've been designing a lot of custom built-ins lately, cabinetry is a favorite of mine.


Walls painted & new draperies hung

Detail of a newly installed drapery I designed. I can't wait to show you the finished product.