August Bulletin Board.

Wow! That took longer than expected;) I'm getting betta & betta at photoshop though! I can't BELIEVE it's August already! Where did my 2010 go?? I'm excited to get this month underway. I have some changes planned for this site. 1 of the main ones being that I am going to donate 10% of all projects to Falling Whistles! I have been searching & searching for a charity that captured my heart & this one does. Read the story! I hope together we can help make a difference. I'll have that in place soon soon soon. I'll announce it when it's OFFICIAL.

I'm also finally all moved into my new digs & LOVING it! I'm spending tons of time on the front porch. Life changing, a front porch is (like how i added some yoda there??). Mr. Wonderful & I have ridden our bikes to dinner & the store & that is AWESOME. I am happy happy happy. Now I'm dreaming of flowers & gardens.

This month I'm officially parring down...hence the $$ signs. Less stuff. Less spending. More life. That's what I'm talking about! I'm also ready to get back into my photography. Let's get on with it! Go August!!