Designer in China. Guangzhou Hyatt.


I stayed in many many hotels while traveling through/working in China. Many many many that aren't worthy of discussion, but they're all 5 star hotels. I'm under the impression that all of the hotels in China are "5 star" hotels! But while in Guangzhou shopping for furniture we stayed at an A+ #1 absolutely 5 star hotel, the Guangzhou Hyatt. Basically we were hooked up by a showroom we used in Hong Kong, they know the manager & wanted to impress us. We were impressed. Absolutely.

It's the floorplan of the room that got me. It's brilliant! I DIE over floorplans. Fabrics, paints, pretty things are fun but it's floorplans that keep me in interior design. Making more usable space in a previously POORLY designed space gives me life. Most don't realize that Interior Designers do such things, well they do. Interior Decorators don't. See the difference.

Here we go! In designing for the Chinese you must know 2 things: they LOVE marble & they LOVE red. You can't add too much marble or red to a space. {Fun fact: I was told not to use granite b/c it causes cancer. From people that are ALWAYS smoking. They were serious.} In designing bedrooms over there it's also important to remember to have an "entrance". They don't want to walk right into the room, bad Feng Shui apparently. So upon entering the hotel room we're in a red marble hallway with a red marble wall in front of us. All of the rooms are hidden by sliding doors, some solid "wood", some glass. The LARGE bathroom is on the right, with the separate toilet room (with it's own tiny sink!!) is on the left. On the other side of the red marble wall is the bed/ desk/ TV area. Well designed, spacious. Pretty. 2 twin beds. It's either twin or king over there, no in betweens that I ran across. I sketched up the floorplan to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. I can't wait to use the same concept in someone's home!