Designer in China- The View from My Room.

I would love to paint you a picture of how beautiful it is here. But, sadly, this is pretty much what it looks like in Wuxi. I'd say Shanghai is different, & it is, but only that there are more people & the buildings are taller. That icky smoggy sky is just that, pollution. I haven't seen but a few glimpses of the sun since I've been here. Sometimes it's a glowing red ball you see if you look up, otherwise you wouldn't even know it's there. I miss the sun.

All of the pollution & smoking (OMG they smoke everywhere here!!!) has made me sick. I've spent the weekend coughing & being generally gross in my room. I did do some laundry in the bathtub:) Traveling is interesting. I'm not sure I'll ever be up for such a long trip without any friends or my sweet man again. I'm not actually sure this type of travel is my thing. I know that's not a popular thing to say. I'm just not a eat the head of an animal type of adventurer. I've stuck with mostly vegetables so far.

I hope your weekend is lovely!