E- Decor- A Little Bit Hollywood.


I am so excited to share with you this e-design or e-decor or virtual (who really knows the exact CORRECT term) project a did a while ago. The clients have a great Tudor home. It has great bones and great potential. I designed this room for the Mrs. to use as her music room. She intends on hanging black and white photographs of classic female singers, Etta James style. AND the Mrs. is not afraid of color. I immediately thought that I wanted to do a relaxed Hollywood Regency vibe. The room currently has carpet and wood paneling. I suggested to replace the carpet with wood or a surface similar to the existing entry way and to paint all the wood paneling in a glossy paint color, shown above. All of the furnishings etc above are available online or near the clients locally. I do my best to work within their budget. I can't wait to see the finished room. I LOVE working in different styles!



This is the floorplan that I recommended. Since the room doesn't need to be centered around a TV I centered it on the fireplace. But if a TV MUST go in, it can be hung above the fireplace. The layout allows adequate space to get into all of the connected rooms, the bar area and the exterior while maintaining an entertaining and relaxing space for plenty of guests.

Here's what the Mrs. had to say..."Oh I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!! Thanks so much for putting up with me.  I cant wait to get started I love the colors. I'm soooo excited!". She was no problem to work with OF COURSE! I just LIVE FOR happy clients, makes me happy:)

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