Lee Jofa. Me at Donghia.

Combing the Decorative Center for fabrics & ideas can be incredibly inspiring. These are a few of my favorite things from my last trip.

I lovvvee that jewel tones & colors are coming back, even if they're accents on neutrals.

Globe lighting from Donghia & the most amazing Lee Jofa Kelly Wearstler embroidered fabric.

Amazing Jan Showers vignette at David Sutherland. Jan Showers upholstered has the best details!

Pink & orange will always be my favorite.

The most amazing console, took my breath away. It's Sutherland by David Sutherland. Spectacular.

Trim adds incredible interest & detail to throw pillows.

My all time favorite chair, the Donghia Odeon Club Chair. It's super comfy while still being sleek.

& yes it seems I'm blogging again! I meant to get this out earlier, but I'm out of habit. I have an incredible amount going on right now. Fall is the best {even though it's still 100+ here in Houston). I'm getting married! The wedding is planned for November 3rd, at our house. Small & intimate. I'll share more details here! Also we're finally getting some remodeling done on our house & I can't wait to share with you!  What big plans do you have this fall? You know since September is the new January. :)