I have a serious affinity for beautiful fabrics. It's pretty hardcore, but I've kept it under-control for the past few years. I used to stockpile ROLLS & ROLLS of fabrics. I'm dear friends with my drapery workroom & have access to the leftovers (in fact we're designing pillows...ssshhh I'll discuss with details soon!). Sometimes when the drapery, bedding, flooring (you name it basically) vendors quote yardages & quantities for the designers to order, they over estimate. Because let's face it, no one is happy when you get a call 2 days before an install that you need to order 5 more yards of fabric. Clients don't appreciate that. ANYWAY, that means leftovers & if the clients don't want it the workrooms keep it, until a crazy lady like me comes by & hoards it. HOARDS IT. But I'm better now, it's all been given away, no more hoarding, my house is too small for that;)

OFF TOPIC, but now I'm back! Fortuny! Motherf*cking FORTUNY! Possible the KING of all fabrics. It just doesn't get any better. I WISH I could show you Fortuny in real life, it's hard to understand the quality & beauty without seeing some fabrics in person. Let's face it, few of us can REALLY afford Fortuny. It's EXPENSIVE. But if you can afford it, it's worth it. It's art.

Mariano Fortuny founded the fabric house in the early 20th century, after already finding success as a painted, an etcher, a sculptor, a photographer, an architect  and inventor. I feel completely lazy now. Mariano being the renaissance man he was also invented the dimmer switch, whos idea came from theatrical design & lighting. After meeting and marrying his muse, Henriette Negrin, they moved to Venice & Marianno tried his hand in fashion design, designing fashions for the next 40 years. Shortly after moving to Venice Mariano built the same factory that makes Fortuny fabrics today.

The fabric is still made using the same processes that Mariano invented. The Fortuny process is highly guarded, so the details are illusive. The fabrics are painted/ printed using many steps to create depth that appears to be aged. The fabrics age unlike any fabrics you will ever experience, they get BETTER with time. Upon first impression the fabrics are gorgeous, but stiff. It's because of the paint! It gets better with age. Fabric just doesn't get any better. (I've seen knock offs & they are just sad. Some things just can't be recreated. Please. Show some respect.)

1st Dibs is showing a collection of his fashions. Simply stunning. See for yourself...

Click on the images for direct links to the shop, you can purchase ALL of these beauties. Contact the dealer for pricing, you know what THAT means;)