Friday Back When.

Friday Back When

Carrying Color Throughout The House

Many Interior Designers recommend color continuity throughout a house. This does not mean using the same color scheme in every room- how monotonous that would be! It does mean a smooth color transition from room to room.

One connecting color will serve to accomplish this. It could be green or blue or gold or any color, using in varying intensities in different rooms, sometimes as the dominant color and sometimes as accent. It might be the carpeting in one room; the walls in another; an occasional chair in a third; an element in the drapery print in a fourth.

Or you could use the same basic scheme in every room, but differently in each, and achieving further variety with diverse accents. Suppose the scheme is yellow, green and white. In one room, the walls could be white, the carpet yellow and the upholstery green and white, with an orange lacquer coffee table. In another, the walls could be yellow, the carpet green and the draperies a print involving green foliage on a white background with red flowers. The scheme could be carried out in a third room with yellow-green-white printed wallpaper, a pale green carpet and yellow bedspreads. The three colors could appear in kitchen or bath as white fixtures, yellow walls and an abundance of plants.

For the woman who likes to rearrange furniture often this has an added advantage: the pieces in various rooms will be interchangeable colorwise.

Friday Back When is a weekly feature highlighting images and text from vintage decorating books. Today’s exert is from The Complete Family Interior Decorating Book, 1972.