Friday Back When.

"To help eliminate some confusion about style names and antecedents, here's a look at the nine major influences that are most signifigant contributors to the design of today's furniture. They are: French, English, Italian, Oriental, Spanish, American Traditional, German, Scandinavian and American Modern."

"Furniture styling tends to follow social history. In past centuries, furniture was made by cabinetmakers serving royal courts or by country craftsmen who translated the elegant court styles into crude but pleasant provincial adaptations."

"Traditional styles often took their names from reigning monarchs or monarchies: Louis XV, Queen Anne, Jacobean. Or they borrowed their names from styles of government-Directoire, Regency. Country styles are usually named for their place of origin: Italian or French Provincial, English Country or Early American.

Few can afford truly authentic antiques but all can have the handsome reproductions and adaptations of earlier designs that are available in today's furniture."




Friday Back When is a weekly feature highlighting images and text from vintage decorating books. Today's exert is from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement Volume 1 A-AME.