Furniture as Art- The Poltona "Diz" Chair

some furniture pieces are designed so well, so well loved & executed that they actually increase in value over time. your grandchildren will be able to sell the piece for more than you originally paid for it.

this beautiful classic chair is the Poltona "Diz" Chair (27.75"H x 29"W x 34"D). it's actually still in production. the designer, Sergio Rodrigues, is 1 of brasil's leading modernist designers. his vintage furniture pieces are rapidly increasing in value.

the poltona "diz" chair is constructed out of imbuia wood with a hand-applied oil finish. sergio designed this classic piece in 2002. it's sexy & masculine. a comfortable chair that will always be classic. it currently retails for around $10,000.00. definetly out of the price range for most people i know, but an investment piece none the less. i'll just lust after it from a distance;)

xx, jamie