Get Your Art On: Holly Farrell

In my quest to find great art I happened upon Holly Farrell and her fabulous book paintings. Modern still lifes. I adore those book paintings and turns out I really love her other pieces as well. I am imagining these with a really modern frame OR a gilt antique frame to really punch the old fashioned feel of her paintings.  

Typically I'm not into theming artwork to your room, you know say images of forks in the kitchen or a picture of a baby in a basket of laundry in the utility room. Although....I just had the thought that a grouping of antique silver forks or spoons framed together could be really great.  But wouldn't a grouping of recipe books paintings look fab in a kitchen? Frame them modern and they work even in a modern industrial kitchen space, framed in an antique gilt frame and they're fab in a traditional kitchen. I would also love to see a giant version of the sofa painting hanging over a completely opposite style sofa. 

Holly is a fine art painter from Toronto. She does the amazing work I've highlighted here and sells her originals in galleries. Interested in pricing & sizes click here.  I've yet to find where she sells any prints so you're going to have to pony up the cash to buy an original, in my opinion it's completely worth it. Plus supporting artists while getting amazing art to enjoy is a great investment. Check Holly's Facebook page out here. And of course her website here. She also does commissioned portraits! Now here are those book paintings I fell so hard for.

I love these still lifes too. I want to show you all of her work! Go to her site, she's just uber talented. Seeing mundane items painted in her crisp style with the amazing floral backgrounds speaks to me. What do you think?

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