Influenced by the Past. Domino 2005.

I have been spending my free time cleaning out, ruthlessly. I'm even down to magazines and my binders of design ideas (old school Pinterest). I want to share some of my favorites that I've run across. I also saved a bunch to my Pinterest so I can access all ideas in that one spot. I want to feel lighter, move easier, stop keeping & accumulating so much stuff. 

This article from Domino 2005 has been on my mind since it was first published. The layout of that living room. The color mixing. It's all still so now. The entire article is brilliant in showing how a color palette pulls through an entire home but in different ways. 

Looking around my own home it's obvious I've been influenced by this home, even though I haven't seen this article in easily 5-10 years. I suppose that's how true inspiration works, it nestles into your mind and comes out in ways your not even aware. Not many entire homes have this affect on me. I still love it. What do you think? Are there spaces you remember influencing your tastes? I'd love to know!