Is this sofa worth it?

1 of the questions I get the most of questions about is the quality of furniture & if it's worth the price. Obviously i want you to purchase the best quality you can, for durability, quality, health etc. Your sofa is a quite the investment piece. It's one of the largest pieces in your home. You & your family use it everyday. Your kids use & abuse it. Your animals snuggle into it. Your sofa is a big decision.

So what IS the difference b/n a $500 sofa & a $2,500 sofa?

The Frame:

$500 Sofa- Most less expensive sofas are made of a combination of particleboard, hardwood & plywood. The easiest way to determine the sturdiness is to lift one end, the heavier the better.

$2500 Sofa- Frames made from kiln dried hardwoods & at least 1-1/4" thick are the sturdiest, again lift one end.

Seat Cushions:

$500 Sofa- The price of the sofa is most easily seen in the cushion quality. A $500 sofa will generally have foam cushions wrapped in batting, but unzip the cushion to check. The batting increases the softness.

{Sofa cushions have a foam density rating, less costly sofas will have a rating of around 1.8 or higher. The higher the rating the longer the cushion will last. Lower end foams can start deteriorating in as little as a year. On a side note most foams start giving off VOC's when they start deteriorating.}

$2500 Sofa- Several options are available in more expensive sofas. I most often recommend a high-resiliency foam core wrapped in a down envelope. This is a cushy comfortable cushion that doesn't require fluffing like down cushions.


$500 Sofa- The no frills version features S-shaped steel springs running front to back. Be sure to sit in the sofa in the store & check for comfort & quiet. The springs should never squeak.

$2500 Sofa- Good springs extend the life of your sofa. The best springs for a sofa are the eight-gauge steel wire that are set into the frame and hand-tied with twine in eight places. A good sofa can be reupholstered a few times before the springs need retied or redone.


$500 Sofa- They're often metal screwed into the frame.

$2500 Sofa- Wooden legs will be a part of the frame to ensure stability.

Ultimately the decision is yours. Sometimes a less expensive sofa is the way to go. But if you use your sofa like I do a quality sofa is important! It's my main seating, lounging, snuggle time furniture. Daily use will deteriorate a less expensive sofa in no time. Keep these things in mind when you go shopping for your next sofa! The more you know the better deal you can work;)

xx, Jamie