Jamie Shops...Mod Green Pod!

I'm so excited to share this amazing company with you!

Nancy Mims, a former freelance textile designer, has sold over 1,400 designs. But in the back of her head she always worried about her lack of control in terms of how the designs are used & made. So she partnered with her sister in law Lisa Mims in 2005 to form Mod Green Pod as an organic home textile line. It's gorgeous along with being healthy for your family & the environment! As a designer it is important to me to specify products for your home that are healthy for your family. It's so much easier to specify when the products are BEAUTIFUL & don't have that "green" look & feel.  BTW, the company is located in Austin...I think that even counts as local, as far as fabric is concerned anyway;)

"I'm supporting an old-fashioned way of production that existed before chemicals were introduced to farming and manufacturing. I can sleep really well knowing that."  -Nancy Mims

They even have the coolest room designer on their site. I played around with it a bit...
I can't wait to use their fabric or wallpaper in a project! I hope you share your project with me if you get a chance to use them.

Visit Mod Green Cloth on Facebook, Twitter & their Blog. The picture of Nancy is from the Spring 2010 Luxe Magazine.

Any big plans for today? I'll be pulling together a few color schemes for some clients, then SO MANY errands!