JHD at a Glance

Hallo, wie geht es dir heute?

I've relocated to Berlin and opened a JHD outpost here. I know it's a bit out of the blue. It's been a dream my husband and I have held for a long time. We decided to take the plunge when AJ turned one. It's taken longer to be settled than we could have ever imagined. How naive of us. That seems to be how it goes with me, always assuming things will work out. And they do. But not necessarily on my timetable. 

Katie Steele, design assistant extraordinaire, is running the JHD Houston branch. Thank goodness for Katie.  

We've settled into a darling old apartment in the Prenzlauer Berg area. Our lifestyle without a car, walking around the corner to dinner/ groceries/ coffee, parks on nearly every block, has certainly upgraded. One huge difference is the apartments here do not come with lights or kitchens. So we're still awaiting our kitchen install. I'll post more about that soon. Here is Berlin as seen by me:

Auf Wiedersehen!

Please email info@jamiehousedesign (dot) com for design inquiries. We're scheduling both full service and House Delivered projects right now. We look forward to speaking with you!