JHD Mid-Century Event Tonight.

I design a lot of homes with P&G Homes. Over a year ago they had me walk the house to get my opinion. It was bad. So bad. I got flea bites bad. But it was also so good. The potential was overwhelming. We got to work updating the floorplan to be more livable for today's lifestyle. P&G worked out removing a MAJOR beam in the large open/family room because we knew the house would be PERFECT without it. Engineers worked and stressed to get the back studio garage structurally sound again. The selections were all made considering the era of the home, budget and also the era we live in today. This house is very special.

I couldn't bear the thought of it being filled with typical staging furniture (and I don't know any stager with Mid-Century furniture options). I approached Lynn Goode Vintage to see if they'd be willing to stage the home with some of their amazing Mid-Century furniture pieces. I was delighted when they said yes (they even hung amazing art you guys)! This evening Jamie House Design along with P&G Homes and Lynn Goode Vintage are opening this Mid-Century gem to you. Please join us and share the invite with like minded folks.

I will be absolutely delighted to see you there! (I'll share pics eventually for you all that can't make it.)

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