JHD Weekender, 7

To be honest I’ve been doing my best to keep my head in the ground and not notice the internet at all. Not easy but it seems like the news is on a terrible terrible negative cycle and it affects my mood in a very negative way. Based on social media I think everyone is having the same issue. That said there are wonderful things out there and I’ll find and share them.

It’s finally full on fall here in Berlin, as you can see in the picture. It’s gorgeous. That’s no filter you guys. The changing leaves are just stunning this year. But the sun is also setting earlier every day so the dread of the impending winter is still upon us. I’ll just be nested in our apartment all winter I’m afraid, except the few times I can be dragged out on holiday. Well I wish that was true. Life goes on even when it’s dark, rainy, and cold.

Here’s the good internets this week!

  • Käthe Kollwitz is a prolific artist from East Berlin. My neighborhood has a whole square with great playgrounds and even better markets dedicated to her. She has made a very positive and proud impact on Berlin. The Guardian wrote a great article detailing her style, motivations, and impact all to celebrate her 150th birthday.

  • June Superfoods is a supplement company/ powdered drink company for kids that I learned about recently. And that’s cool but what I love is they have a great page detailing exactly why food are superfoods and which ones are considered superfoods.

  • I love Yoga With Adriene. Do you?? This article about her and how she came to rule YouTube is great. I didn’t know much about her honestly. I love how friendly and down to earth she is, easy to watch for yoga at home.

  • I’m not sure how I happened upon this article but it fits because my birthday is in March so traveling in March is always great for me. Also we’re already in Europe so I’m interested to know what articles in the US say about traveling here. So… if you want to travel in March to Europe check out this article.

  • Do you read in your spare time? Books I mean. I have made it a priority to fit reading back into my life this year. I’ve remembered what a great relaxer it is. Now I can hardly fall asleep with reading at least a bit. PBS put together a list of the 100 Great American Books. How many have you read?

  • I am always looking for more recipes. I am on the lookout for easy, quick, and more veggies. This article by Society 19 goes through 10 quick meals that actually look good.

  • One of the last great eccentric interior designers passed away this week. I did a big paper on Mario Buatta in design school. The Prince of Chintz. No one was exactly jealous of my assignment but I thought he was fabulous. In Design School if it’s not starkly modern and commercial it just doesn’t have much klout. I was excited to see him speak a few years ago to Bold Summit. He was a truly talented designer and fascinating person. So old school, in a frustrating charming way.

  • In completely unshocking news, based on their recent weird instagram direction (but you can find a better one here), Hearst cleaned house at House Beautiful this week. I am terribly sad & nervous about having the magazine turn into every other design magazine. The public is seeing so much homogenization of interior design it’s frightening. Hopefully we can shift away from focusing on what they think Millenials want. I swear the marketing industry doesn’t understand us at all.

I hope you have the most fabulous refreshing weekend!

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