JHD Weekender, 3.

I've been busy this month prepping for my upcoming visit to the states. There is a lot to prepare when traveling with a two year old and coordinating what I can actually carry myself in our luggage. Prepping for numerous photoshoots as much as I can from a distance so I'm not overwhelmed once we're there. Preparing for Easter and traveling again for that. Also trying to keep in mind toddler jet lag and how much that completely wipes me out. Nevertheless I can't wait for tacos! And breakfast food! OK we have breakfast food in Berlin but it's called Brunch. I can't wait to go out for breakfast at breakfast. Early. 

Big news week! I've got entertaining articles though, not as heavy as the impending doom that the US appears to be facing on the daily. Here we go!

  • A great article that explains why sometimes creative people make no sense. It's spot on. I often find I'm not communicating my thoughts properly and I'm leaving people confused. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. 
  • Trend alert! Burned wood. It's awesome. Hopefully it remains to become classic, that's how I see it now anyway. 
  • As National Geographic prepared it's April issue on race it had their own history analyzed to acknowledge i's racist past. Very interesting. 
  • A NYT article about "Rich people rugs". The title is a bit misleading. Sometimes I feel like the media doesn't even know their audience. Sure maybe people are no longer into million dollar rugs, but it's not like they're shopping at RugsUSA.
  • A follow up rug article explaining different types of rugs. 
  • A low cost housing architecture firm in India is recognized with the 2018 Pritzker Prize. I love reading about solutions to common problems. This is the kind of architecture I love. Thoughtful, solving a major problem, and realistic. 
  • I've often thought about the impact of being inundated daily with news & social media. This article takes it back to only newspapers for a while and explains how it went. Very thought provoking.
  • To follow up the above, this article discusses a man that has been living without any political, social, or economic news since Trump was elected. Crazy. And refreshing. 
  • This one's pretty heavy. But I think it's important to start staring the heavy ugly issues down so we can move past them, finally. 
  • You guys a UFO!!
  • Rome is digging up amazing unseen artifacts as it revitalizes and reworks it's subway system. It's really amazing to consider the history of Rome, of much of the world. That right where we are a hundred years ago or more (depending on where you are, ahem Rome) someone else with dreams and hopes and fears was sitting. 
  • Celebrating 20 years of The Big Lebowski. The Dude abides. 

Do something out of the ordinary this weekend. Get out there and live.