JHD Weekender, 6

This week feels like a major transition week into fall yet the temperatures remain in the 80s (29c). The light has shifted to a warm dancing light as it filters through the trees. The breeze is crisp and cool. The evenings are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. AJ is nearing three and I’m spending a lot of time running after him, especially on his balance bike (laufrad). I’m spending less time online and that means what I do read I find particularly important. I’m hunting down new recipes a lot too as the typical meals are getting repetitive. I love design, but for my downtime it’s cooking and gardening. Both relax and inspire me. So here we go…

  • You wonder why the Texas Board of Education wants to keep Helen Keller out of the history books? Me too. This article explains it and now I’m feeling a newfound admiration for her.

  • After years of distance between me and my design work in China I love seeing that Shanghai is jumping into the design scene. Shanghai, the center, is such a dynamic cool place. I’m excited to see artisans there pushing the envelope.

  • Money Magazine’s best places to live in the US. I’ve poured through this including the real estate in the places I found interesting. Could I live in the Midwest again? Is it really as good as it looks? I don’t know. I’m skeptical. I do love imagining how to remodel the houses, some are in such desperate need of a facelift.

  • In the never ending quest to organize my life and all I need to remember and follow up on I’ve been pondering the Bullet Journal concept. This article is a good intro into it.

  • In my quest for new recipes I found Rachel Roddy’s blog about food. I love reading and talking about food. I want to know what’s in everyone’s grocery carts. I want to know what you’re eating for breakfast. It’s all so fascinating to me. Rachel’s writing is beautiful and her recipes inspiring.

  • I’ve shared the Ben & Birdy blog previously, but I’m particularly excited to make the Yeasted Waffles this weekend. It sounds divine.

  • Just one more recipe. This old Wednesday Chef post somehow emerged for me and I can’t get the idea of an Polenta crusted artichoke tart out of my mind. I haven’t cooked much with Polenta but now seems like a good time to try.

  • I want to go to Peru. I read an article, could be years ago, that never left my mind. It was about running an Ultra Marathon in Peru. I’ve dreamt of taking a solo trip there ever since, although not for an Ultra lol. The WSJ article is about how child friendly it is, so that’s switched my thinking. I’d love to take AJ when he’s a bit older.

  • A travel blog that I repeatedly go return to is Asher Ferguson’s packing lists. They have a ton of other travel related blogs, but my fav is the packing lists. I don’t always follow them but they have great tips I’ve never considered.

  • Last note, if you have kids you’ll want to check this out. Story Time From Space. Astronauts read kids a book from the International Space Station. So cool.

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