July 2011.

1. So true isn't it. From Pinterest. 2. I am completely addicted to NPR lately. Addicted. There could be worse things. 3. The Breville juicer, it will be mine. Green juice here I come! 4. How embarrassing...I can't find the source for this amazing painting. If you know PLEASE tell me. 5. Michelle Armas Somewhere painting. I want to live in those colors. 6. Amelia Earhart. A life long obsession. 7. I'm doing this in my bedroom, maybe not Draper chest style, but something with these Ikea chests. 8. Or maybe I can paint flamingos on the chest, pretty sweet. 9. Pop of pink. Love the "accent" wall also. 10. I'm itching to get out of town, even for the weekend. I need to get away.

Here's my bulletin board from last July, just for kicks.

Happy July!