July Bulletin Board

i've been having a hard time staying on task & remembering which goals i'm working for when....sooooo i'm going to start doing a bulletin board at the beginning of every month. this month is behind b/c of the holidays...but i'm on track now!

1. i've been reading up on Buddhism lately & i recently found a place nearby where i can take classes & try meditation. it feels good for my soul. i'm curious about all religions, since i've only been around Christianity my whole life (which isn't a bad thing).

2. listening to the shift by dr. wayne dyer has initiated a change in me. a change in how i see & react to the world. i feel lighter & more peaceful...i'm looking for more of that:)

3. peanut butter banana smoothies have been my life! i can't get enough of them! here's the recipe...but i use almond butter & rice milk & real honey...soooo yummy!

4. the draperies that got away!

5. i've been going to a few hardcore yoga classes a week lately, my body is finally starting to feel normal. i can't wait to get more into this. some of the poses my classmates can do are bananas!

6. sad day. my computer died. i'm borrowing one while i search for the perfect one. it'll be a dell as apple doesn't run the drafting programs i use as easily.

7. 2 of my very favorite ladies are getting married on the very same day. 1 in la & the other in montreal.

8. mister wonderful closes on a house as soon as we get back from montreal! it's exciting times! i can't wait to move into the house & feel some permanence with that man. :D :D :D

i also plan to do some fairly significant updates to my business this month, including setting up to donate 5% of all projects to a charity. what are your big plans this month?

xx, jamie