Wow when did that happen? It's June already??

1. Crazy Sexy Diet. I'm doing the 21 day "cleanse" this month. I'm already talking myself out of it...seriously. I'm nervous. No. I'm ready! This book has blown my mind & I just don't see how I can't change my life after knowing so much more about my body. It'll be worth it. It'll be worth it. It'll be worth it. 2. Aquamarine. It's my birthstone & I'm attracted to it more & more. The real stone is SO MUCH more beautiful than the birthstone rings I used to buy at Claires. 3. Don't ask. Just do. 4. I'm reading Just Kids by Patti Smith. I'm moving through it steady and SLOW. I don't want it to end. Really. You should read it. 5. B School. I'm doing it. It's helping me immensely. Again, I'm moving slow. I've never been one to race towards the end of something just to say I did it, I have a lot to learn. I'm soaking it in. 6. Summertime! It's already unbearably hot here in Houston. But it's still summer & I love it almost as much as Spring & Fall;) Image by Brian Ferry. 7. The most magical photo shoot I've ever seen. I dream of someone truly seeing me this way (through a camera I mean). This is truly special. 8. Shoes! OMG the shoes! Aren't they beautiful? I am really into platform wedges right now...if only I didn't feel so clumsy in them.

So there you have it. June. Simple. Clean. It's summertime! I have a pretty busy June planned. I'm ready to get some things in order, get more yoga....figure out how to run in this heat. I have some fun fun design projects moving right along & one especially fun sorority house getting a face lift in the next couple of months. What are you MOST looking forward to this month?