March Bulletin Board

WOW! Can you believe it's March already?? My favorite month of course as it's my birthday month! I am STILL battling this crud that I've picked up over here, I went to the hospital for it yesterday. THAT'S an experience, going to the hospital in rural China. It's really no big deal...typical here even. STILL, I have no plans to go back. This month is working. Working on the houses, working on drawings & WORKING ON ME. This months board is centered around me working on me. I figured I don't really have anything else to do over here I may as well get to it. Do the things I don't take the time to do in everyday life. I'll also be planning a relaunch & design of this site. I CAN'T WAIT to get that going. I have changed SO MUCH since starting this site, I can't wait for it to actually reflect that. To also implement donating 10% profit, to implement new services, SO MANY exciting things!

From around the top:

-Yoga! It seems yoga always makes it on the board & it always loses priority. This month I have plenty of yoga to do & no dinner making or snuggling to deter me, although I wish I did;)

-The dancing photo...I just love it. So happy! So joyous! I am working directly on how to have more joy in my life & career. Remove the dread & replace it with joy! From pinterest...

-An amazing quote from the inspiring Keri Smith. Anxiety seems to creep into everything lately, I need to find the calm or harness the anxiety, hopefully Yoga will help with this as well.

-I'm working on learning new things to do with my hair. I've never really done anything at all with it, tie it in a knot is my usual daily style. No style at all basically. I can't stand to have it around my face while working, so I am loving learning new styles.

-Just another inspiring quote. It is NOT the end...keeeeeeep going!

-It's the year of the rabbit in China! I even saw bunnies being sold on the street, seriously SO HARD to pass up. I don't think my hotel would appreciate that too much though & I wouldn't want to leave the little cutie behind when I leave:) Since it's the year of the rabbit, I suppose that also makes it the year of Fifi Lapin, appropriately!

-Adorable comfy outfits. I am ALL about comfort lately. If I'm working in the office or at the jobsite I must be comfortable, no heels here, I would look ridiculous teetering around a jobsite in heels. My Hunter wellies are perfect though!

-Total Freedom is the collection of works by J. Krishnamurti. I can't wait to get into this. My book of the month, I am expecting it to take me AT LEAST a month to really get through this one.

-I have been drinking EmgergenC like I have an unlimited supply. I'm actually almost out so that's a bummer, I'm not sure they sell it in China or where I'd even begin to look. It's SO GOOD though. Go to their site to sign up for some free samples!

-The giraffe photo, I just love giraffe prints. I saw an estate sale online recently that had a giraffe head & neck for sale, seriously creeped me out. I can't get that image out of my head. Why would someone hunt giraffe? What an awful person. I recently got a new rug for our living room that is similar to giraffe pattern, I can't wait to see it in person!

Have the best March you guys!!