Monday Funday.

In an effort to begin my busy Mondays on a lighter foot I'm going to post an inspiring feel good something every Monday. Also....maybe just calling it Monday Funday will make things better ;).

No one can say feel good words like Maya Angelou. It wouldn't be the beginning of Monday Funday without her. Let's be kind to each other this week. Including being kind to ourselves. I know we all tend to be hardest on ourselves. I want to loosen up on that habit a bit. Go at life with a bit more of an open heart. 

My August newsletter went out this morning. Did you get it? Sign up at left for the next one if not. You can check out August's on my Facebook page in case you're dying to know what I have to say. I do try to keep my social medias a bit different from each other to prevent boring you all. 

Go Monday!

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