Montreal is such an amazing city. We saw so much of it but I can't wait to go back sometime. I went up for my college roommates wedding. She got married 40 miles outside of Montreal in this amazing small town at the base of a mountain. I'm DYING to go back there & poke around. Small town charm gets me every time. We stayed in a hotel in the middle of everything. The hotel was nice but nothing special. I prefer to not go overboard on hotel expenses when I travel, unless I'm going specifically for the hotel. We flew in to Burlington Vermont & drove to Montreal. We got a deal on a cool rental so it was fun having our own car. Although we walked EVERYWHERE & took the subway we didn't take the car except to the wedding festivities. Public transportation is so great.

The people of Montreal are so hip & chic. The city is active & earth conscious & clean. It was a great time. The culture difference between there & Houston is insane. The attitude in Montreal seems so much more relaxed & easy going. Fun times all around! Have you been before? That was my first trip to Canada. Where else should I visit in Canada?

How's your week going?? I'm accomplishing my to do lists! Slowly but surely I'll get there. My completions are finally catching up with my additions!