My City: For Sale in My Hood.

When we were first looking for a house to buy we went straight to the Houston Heights. Our neighborhood feels small and quaint, but it's quite large. We can walk to dinner, coffee and light shopping (this is a rare amenity in Houston). The Heights is mostly old homes and it's mostly historic. I don't mind when someone builds a new home here that is designed for their lot, for their family, for the neighborhood. I love the mix of contemporary and historic. 

I loved this house from the minute I first saw it. Our realtor explained that the concept was a modern take on Victorian architecture. I think it's brilliant. It works! It IS a modern take on the Victorian homes in the Heights.

This house, at 2200 Harvard, is up for sale. It's going to take a special person to purchase this home. I hope it goes quick. I hope that whomever buys it really appreciates it. The home is on three combined lots, it has an orchard, rose garden and lap pool.

I love getting to see the inside! It's contemporary as you'd expect. Clean, modern and liveable. I'd love to design this home for the new owners! {Just putting that out into the world. Creating energy ya know ;)}

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