my favorite online magazines

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i love all of these cool online magazines popping up. i so miss so many magazines that have gone out of business, ahem domino & blueprint. but some of these mags are filling the void.

Delish Magazine just released it's first issue & it rocks. It's a kind of lifestyle magazine for normal, real, cool women. Amazing articles & a question/answer column with the supa cool Dyana Valentine. i'm so excited about this magazine!

Of course I have to mention the stunningly beautiful & uber popular interiors magazine Lonny. It's gorgeous, think Domino styling gorgeous. I go through this one a few times. Here's an AWESOME feature about online magazines, say you see a sofa you LOVE & have to have, just click on it & it'll take you to the shop that sells it. It doesn't get more convenient than that!

Neet Magazine is like Etsy on paper. Super creative photo shoots. They highlight all sorts of amazing Etsy shops. Neet has been around longer than most of the other magazines I mention, they've got it down. I read every issue:) I've also advertised on their blog, which also rocks my socks off.

Southern Flourish also just released their first issue. It's awesome. Southern Flourish is like combining Domino with Southern Living. Beautiful photography, great articles & amazing homes featured.

Last but not least is Zoom Zoom, a fashion magazine. Amazing gorgeous fashion photography. Zoom Zoom is eye candy.

I can't wait to see more online magazines! These are my favorites! Do you read online magazines? Have any favorites that I didn't mention? I'd love to find more that I don't know about!

Have a great weekend lovelies!!!