My Why. Why design. Why now.

Friends! I’m back to speaking with you after I’ve been in a bit of a dark time. The last few years have felt dark and also been some of the best of my life. The addition of our amazing son rocked my world and then we decided we should move to another country, another shift that knocked me around a bit. In all honesty I think I was giving all I could, which left no room for me showing up for you online. I’ve discovered a big part of this darkness though has been me keeping to myself. Not discussing what lights me up, what we’re doing everyday, or sharing the ins and outs of our projects. That doesn’t serve you or me. I’m back to talking with you, mostly about design but also life. Because they’re really the same thing.

I am a designer because helping you live a better life is my everything. Bringing a space, home, and family (whatever form your family takes on) to their highest potential is IT for me. I believe the spaces you live in and interact with have a deep connection to how you feel and move through your life. If your home is a beautiful reflection of you and it’s set up to serve you then you’ll have the calm to do what you love.

When you get home from work and your home is set up to catch your belongings where you drop them, where your closet is set up to easily put everything away, arrange dry cleaning, sort laundry, and to layout what uniform you’ll select to take you to your next adventure then your home is serving you. When you are making the kids lunches and all of the various foods are easily reached, easily put away, and it’s easy to tell what to add to your grocery list then your home is serving you. If you love nothing more than to throw yourself to your sofa for a night of Netflix after a long day and you have a spot to place your drink, if you have a place to set your snack so you don’t spill it, if you have your blanket in easy reach and are able to lounge without laying on various toys because they’re in the place allotted for them, then your home is serving you.

And while serving the function comes first, next is the beauty. The details that make your home FEEL like home. In seeing the big picture for you I’m able to create your home for you in your style to suit your needs. And I love that. Seeing you and how you live and how we can make your life easier and more beautiful is my why. It’s the people that make my career great. Each individual in each unique way that you live brings an incalculable joy to my life. And I hope your beautiful homes and spaces provide the same joy to you.

I am excited to be here and talk about design and it’s importance in creating this great life. And I’m grateful for each client and vendor that is on this journey with me, and you for reading about it.

More to come. Thank YOU!