new column...i need your help

i'm starting a new weekly post today called ______. that's where you come in, i can't decide on a name. i set up the poll below, let me know what you think! i will share with you the grooviest stores, shops & vendors that i've found.

[polldaddy poll=3223852]

i'm proud to begin this column with 1 of my very favorite finds, the new traditionalists. they create some of the most stunning, well crafted pieces of furniture i've seen in a  long time.

i'm excited to find a furniture company that embodies my design beliefs. each piece of furniture is handmade to order in Torrington, Connecticut.  the new traditionalists embody the philosophy Buy Well Once. "we're not in the business to make disposable furniture" says CEO Philip Erdoes. Their philosophy is apparent in every piece of furniture they design. Each is well thought out & made from sustainably harvested hardwood with hand-applied, water based finishes that are nontoxic. plus they are just so great to work with. i was able to get answers, catalogs & even adorable coasters simply by requesting catalog information from them, service like that is getting harder & harder to come by. their catalog is an array of beautiful drawings detailing the style & glamor or their furniture.

The New Traditionalists are a breath of fresh air.

i have such a busy day today! i'm so lucky to be so busy. thank you all for all of your support! it means the world to me!

xx, jamie