Wow can you believe its November already?? This year has FLOWN by me!

I've made SO MANY changes lately, thus my absence from the blog  & nearly the internet completely. I started a job at a furniture store, I lasted 2 weeks, almost. I was sick the last few days so I'm not sure that counts. Nevertheless it wasn't for me. At. All. I am TERRIBLE at retail sales...namely working for commission.  OK, it seems working for other people DOESN'T work for me. So for the first time in my life, I quit. Irresponsibly too. I emailed my resignation & never went back. Total. Irresponsibility. It felt amazing. Totally freeing. I sent the email on a Saturday & by Monday I was overwhelmed with work. WHICH IS SO GREAT. Since I've completely let go I have had SO MUCH fall into place. AWESOME. I am so thankful for all of you. THANK YOU so much for supporting me & my dreams. It is so exciting. I'm finally getting my schedule & workload figured out so I'll be back tending to my blog & catching up on all of your amazing blogs. I've missed you!

In preparing my November bulletin board I have to start thinking about the month ahead & what EXACTLY I want to get out of it. I want to work as much as I can. I want to create & design & dream. I want to make presents & meals & desserts. I want to work on my cute little house. I want to spend as little as possible...except I REALLY need some boots;) I'm so excited that the weather here has cooled only gets to 75 lately, you know instead of 90. I'm sure that'll change soon so I'll keep on soaking it up as much as I can. Here's the details of my board...

1. YOGA! I've been saving up coupons, groupons & offer codes from studios all over Houston. I'm going to get my Yoga on. Seriously. Yep I said get my Yoga on;) I LOVE Yoga, it makes me feel normal. I LOVE practicing from home using podcasts, but getting help now & then is SO HELPFUL.

2. November is about family & friends & EATING. I can't wait to enjoy time & good food with the people I love.

3. Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Comformity, will be in Houston on his Unconventional Booktour November 18th. I can't wait. His blog is bananas. I've been following him for years & he just keeps getting better & better. Complete inspiration. Check out his schedule here & go see him if you can & buy his new book.

4. I want side tables like these so badly I dream about them. I've searched estate sales like you wouldn't believe. I. Will. Find. Them.

5. Draperies! I have the fabric for my living room draperies  & kitchen roman shades. Now to sew them, first to figure out how to sew them. If all else fails I'll have my workroom take care of it. It's just so satisfying to create draperies for your home yourself.

6. Closet organization is my MAIN priority. I have thismuch closet space. I have an entire season of clothes that don't fit. Since Houston doesn't really have seasons this is proving to be an issue. I must organize. I must get more of the amazing Real Simple slim hangers, they work wonders. This amazing closet belongs to The Glamouri.

7. Boots. Yes please. I need/want all three pairs. I LOVE flat boots. Love love love. I bought a pair SO MANY years ago & recently threw them out. I miss them terribly. But they were in TERRIBLE shape & I knew if I didn't let them go I would continue to wear them & continue to wish I'd JUST go buy new ones. Well I still haven't. I must make this a priority;)

8. It's FINALLY time to bust out the fall clothes! This will coincide with the closet reorganization. This image is also The Glamouri...her blog is fashion overload, you'll love it.

So let's get on with it November. There's SO MUCH to do. I'm not even going to think about it being nearly the end of the year. Nope shhhhhh. Stop thinking about it. Live this moment. We can do this. November!