Our Little Bungalow: Exterior Paint

I've had the most incredible & exhausting week. I mean, it's not fun & games, it's work. But it's incredible. All work...except my birfffday when we got to meet a bunch of the cutest sea turtles you've ever seen & hang out with my darling Tamara. That combination is good for the soul. Plus my pops is in town, that's always a good thing. Work is bananas right now, delicious perfectly just ripe bananas. I've been obsessing about exterior paint colors for our little bungalow. I really love the idea of a grey house. Ok I love grey houses. Love. But I'm feeling like we live in the cutest little neighborhood & have this adorable house that could actually carry real color. When is this chance going to happen again? Play it safe? Go for it? Currently it's a dirty yellow with maroon and white trim. It's ok, not so cutie cute cute though. It's the maroon. I hate it. I hate maroon. It's just not a pretty color. That has to go for sure. I'd love an aqua house. But on each side of us is a blue house, seems a little much. & the house isn't into green, she told me. I'm thinking pale yellow with aqua & white trim.



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So what do you think? Go neutral or go fun?

*All images from Pinterest or Houzz.com (I'm still working on my profile!)