Simplify and The Art of Letting Go.

I've been on a declutter mission in all aspects of my life (& my clients) for the past few months. Almost obsessively! I have given away an insane amount of STUFF. Just stuff. It's made me wonder why I even buy anything in the first place. While I'm not disciplined enough to taking a purchasing break, I am very careful about what I'm willing to bring back into our house.

We have a small 1920's bungalow that we're absolutely in love with. But being in my studio here all day has got me wanting to clear everything out. I've had this gorgeous Ikat fabric to make living room draperies for years. YEARS. {I mean what?! What designer does that??} I decided last weekend that I'm not doing the Ikat. I'm doing plain. Plain Jane linen with brass drapery hardware. & it's going to be perfect. Also built-ins on a huge wall. I have been trying to think of ways to extend our life in this house if we're going to consider having little people here. More storage it is. BUT only storage for items we LOVE or NEED. So I've been cleaning out, ruthlessly

In practicing the art of letting go remember that when you need it you will have it. But keeping items around "just in case" keeps new and better things from coming into your life.

Basically to clean out and to help clients sort through what to keep & what goes I go through these questions...

  • Do you use it daily, weekly, monthly or to entertain at least yearly? This determines where is goes if it's used and if it's no to all of the options then it heads for donation. {We tend to have things purchased for a specific party and never use again but keep them, you know "just in case". Let it go, someone else can use it. In five years when you finally use it again you'll forget about it and purchase new anyway.}
  • Do you LOVE it? Would you miss it if you lost everything? Yes? Then keep it of course. No? Consider letting it go. If it doesn't provide a useful function and it doesn't bring you joy then it has to go.
  • Is it a keepsake? Do you love it? Do you really need to hold on to ALL of your now 19 year old's baby clothes? Pick a couple favorites and let the rest go. Same with "art" made by the kids. Kids make a ton of art, at least I did. It's not all good. You don't love all of it. Keep the best, keep the ones they're proud of. Let the rest go. {But remember if it's all bad you may need to pretend some of it's good to keep feelings from getting hurt!}
  • Remember this is going to go in phases. It usually takes me 3 phases to clean out my closet. By the third phase I'm down to just my favs and the items I really where.

Letting go of stuff is hard. Give yourself time and space to work through it. Then once you do you have to remain present and stop buying things you don't love. No more binge shopping because you're upset your boss yelled at you in a meeting. 

I can't wait to go over my living room plans with you...& I'm also terrified. Sharing an in progress space is nerve racking. I'll work through it with you though. Thanks loves!!