When I hit a slump, a creative slump, I go searching for inspiration. I go through websites, magazines, books searching for something that sparks an idea. {I'm currently addicted to Pinterest, friend me there or let me know if you want an invite & I'll send one your way)In this case I made a board of some things to see if I can find a pattern. Usually I can find a pattern, a style, a color direction, in my favorite images that leads me in the direction I knew I wanted but couldn't get there alone. Do you see any patterns? I'm still struggling with it...

1.Love, Adorned. 2.My Parents Were Awesome. & Pinterest 4.Anthropologie 6. The Awkward Bird 7.UK Hairdressers (OOPS where did 8 & 9 go?? just pretend) 8.Blue Ikat Fabric 9. Lego Bob Ross 10.Beautiful Black Doors 11.Thomas Howes 12.Dresser