The Interior Design Process- Part 1.

Jamie House Design Bathroom




After working in the industry for nearly 10 years now, seriously I can't believe it's been that long! I've heard the same questions, seen the same confused looks over & over again. I still have friends that aren't sure what I actually DO for a living. I hope I can finally clear that up.

Interior Design is elusive, it's a closed group. Sure HGTV shows design, sort of. It doesn't really work that way. That's caused even more confusion. I've broken down the process of working with an interior designer through a remodel of 1 room into a few posts. It's important to understand what you're getting into when you hire a designer, or even plan to redo a room yourself.

Let's start with you having already found a designer that's a good fit for you. Now what happens, how do we actually start this project?

In your first meeting the designer will come over to your home to get to know you & your space. She'll discuss the scope of the project, your budget, what you're keeping, what you want replaced, how you plan to use the space, colors you love, colors you hate, what you would make you unhappy if it was in your room, etc. Your honesty is very important, be honest with your designer and more importantly be honest with yourself. There should be ALOT of questions at this point. It may get tedious, but try to keep in mind that your designer hasn't been thinking about the room for as long as you have. She wants to get a feel for you so that the room reflects your style.

Now if you don't have an original floorplan the designer will need to take measurements of the room. Overall dimensions, where windows outlets & light fixtures are, closet sizes, etc. Even with an original floorplan the designer may come back to take some measurements after she's started to get INTO your project. {By getting INTO the project, I mean when I'm working on a project I can look at the floorplan as if I'm standing in it. I can see the project finished & how it will look & feel. This always brings up more questions the more INTO it I get. It's essential to for me to get INTO the project.}

The meeting is done! You're ready to get this room designed! But sit tight my dear, the designer has some work to do, go read a book or start a garden, this will take AT LEAST a week {It really depends on the designer, her schedule and your room}. Rome wasn't built in a day and your room won't be either. The designer will take your answers, any inspirations you gave her (images from magazines) & the measurements & lay out your room. Furniture arrangements, any built-in designs, lighting designs, possibly material suggestions. {Now is when I get INTO your design, I imagine living in your home. I see the textures, I smell the smells. I'm figuring out the pieces to make your dream room a reality.} Then your designer will come back to you to be sure you're all on the same page. She may even have a few options for you. At this point she may have a color scheme for you, or maybe not. It's important to do the front work so demolition etc. can begin while you and your designer then work on colors schemes, furniture & fabrics together. This keeps the project moving forward.

So there you have it for now! Next week I'll continue with the interior design process. Questions?