This Before and After is Bananas.

I do the selections and design decisions for a couple builders around town. This house is by P&G Homes. I love working with them because they rehab existing houses instead of tearing down and building townhomes.  

This home is in the Meyerland area of Houston. It's near town, especially near the Houston Medical Center. It's a cute neighborhood known for the mid century homes. This home is a latter mid-century home. It is unassuming from the front, but the floorplan is spectacular. It's no surprise that this home has been snatched up before even going on the market.

Basically the house was gutted and rebuilt. The selections are neutral grays and lean towards transitional. The goal with builder homes is to appeal to a large audience. We can't appeal to everyone without appealing to no one though so I always have a person in mind when designing the homes. This home is for a young family, a bit with it and hip. They read magazines and stay current. They want the ease of having a home fixed up for them and the ability to add their personality to it later. 

So here we go...before and afters. Some images were pulled from P&G's facebook page

The master bath before.

The master bath before.

The master bath in progress.

The master bath complete.

The master shower complete.

The complete comparison.

The main living area before.

The dining/ wine room after.

Nearly complete.

I'll share more when I get better pictures. These were all taken with phones. I always forget in the midst of working to snap shots, plus there are usually people all over and they frown on being in pictures. ;)  

The hardest part for me in working with builders is leaving the space like this and not finishing it out. When I design I have a full vision complete to furniture and fabrics so not seeing it completed leaves a bit of a hole.  


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