I'm so happy to get over 2010 & on to something new. 2011. I have such high hopes for you. I launched Jamie House Design in 2010, I worked REALLY SUPER hard to get it launched...then sort of let it drift. Not my business exactly, but this blog & the website. I'm really disappointed in myself about that. I started this business because of exactly what Seth Godin says here...

"The people who successfully start independent businesses (franchises, I think are a different thing) do it because we have no real choice in the matter. The voice in our heads won't shut up until we discover if we're right, if we can do it, if we can make something happen. This is an art, our art, and to leave it bottled up is a crime."

Then it happened that everytime I sat down to write a blog post or update the site I froze. Completely scared that maybe dreaming of my business is ACTUALLY better than the possibility of failing at my business. Scared of this unknown of what a designer is expected to be & how a designer is expected to act. I'm still fighting with it now. But I understand it now. I'm ignoring it & pushing it to the side now. THAT'S how 2011 will be different than 2010. I won't leave it bottled up anymore, my art that is. My designs are my art. That's why I've had this drawing I did staring me in the face for the last few months...

Because it's not too late. I've launched, I've ignored, I'm ready to stop neglecting this website & my interactions with all of you that inspire me everyday. I have a blog schedule set up. I'm planning out the reworking & additions for the website. I have PLANS in place for my business, Jamie House Design.

2011 Goals- condensed to 3 so as not to overwhelm...me.

1. 5 days a week blog posts, weekly & monthly features as well as updates on my projects (their pretty cool,  I can't wait to share some of my everyday life with you!)

2. Update my site to include links to suppliers/shops/vendors that I LOVE so you can enjoy them too, work out the details to get 10% of my profits donated to your choice of 2 charities, include more video & add a new style finder section. I'll also be updating my Facebook page more regularly with special discounts & items that will only be available there (so go "like" me:)

3. I'm putting this out there...I'm going to publish an E-Book. I will make it available for free to all that subscribe to my blog. That's a BIG DEAL for me to commit to putting together a book. But I have good things to share & I'm excited about it.

Thanks for all of you love and support! I'm excited to see what 2011 has in store for us all!