What I Would Buy- CB2 Accessories Edition

First, again, this post is not sponsored. I’m just really into what CB2 is putting out lately. Their stuff reminds me of Arteriors and not rip off copies of Arteriors. I will buy accessories from anywhere for a client. No snobbery here. But still it’s about the mix. It can’t all be retail, or trade, or antique. It has to be a combo of at least two of those.
Check out my CB2 Furniture Recommendations if you missed it.

This is the accessories/ lighting/ etc I’m loving. (If you purchase from here I don’t make any $$. This is only to share what I’m loving.) Click the images to see them on the site.


Domes Black Marble Table Lamp
There are so many very cool lamps in the world right now. Be bold in your lamp choices! Go modern and edgy even if your room is restrained and traditional. It’ll work! Think of lamps like the little tattoo you have hidden. It’s your wild side. Have fun with them. This lamp is perfect. At 22” high it’s a great height for a console or on a desk.

Santorini Table Lamp
I love this lamp because it’s blue. There aren’t many blue lamps out there but a cobalt blue lamp works in just about any space. I like lamps to add to the room conversation, not just shrink away. It’s cool too if you custom your own lamp shade when buying a lamp from retail. Custom is always nice.

Algarve Ceramic Table Lamp
I almost cringe at this lamp. I love it. And then I hate myself for loving it. It’s so 80’s Golden Girls (but neutral and not pink THANK GOODNESS). But still I love it. It’s not giant, it’s only 23”H. We used them in a bedroom recently. They’re good. Neutral nothings but in an interesting shape that keeps them from being boring. Get a pair.

Umbrella Marble Base Brass Cone Floor Lamp
Reasons for loving this lamp: the small base/ footprint means it’ll fit almost anywhere, the brass shade adds a touch of glimmer to a room at a height that usually only has white lampshades or nothing, It’s simple. It goes away. For me a floor lamp has to be spectacular or nothing. They take up too much visual room to be mediocre. This is my all time favorite floor lamp. I use it all of the time.

OK I said CB2 reminds me of Arteriors without copying them. BUT in this case I’m wrong. Copying in concept but not details. I prefer the Arteriors version but love the concept for both. Radically different price points.

CB2 Art Easel Floor Lamp

CB2 Art Easel Floor Lamp

Arteriors Art Easel Floor Lamp

Arteriors Art Easel Floor Lamp


CB2 used to have a line of acrylic towel bars, shelves, TP holders, etc. I was obsessed. I specified that line a TON. It was good quality and awesome price point. Because sometimes the hardware isn’t the highlight of the room but it’s necessary. Much to my disappointment they don’t carry the line anymore. Lets rally together to get them to bring it back. (They do still have this shelf & this one that are great.)

I have used most of the hardware above. It’s great quality and great proportions. It can be hard to tell proportions online when looking at hardware. Pay attention to the measurements & tape it off on your cabinet/ furniture to be sure it looks right. Pay attention to how far the hardware sticks out. You don’t want to be constantly running into it or snagging your clothes on it. (Click on the pictures to go to the webpage.)

Barker Matte Black Vertical Wall Mounted Coat Rack
This is my favorite entry wall hook situation. I prefer them in pairs if you have the space. They could be cool in the popular mud room “lockers” too. It’s good in black and brass.

Set of 3 Dot Coat Hooks
These hooks are an all time fav. You can hang them in so many different ways! I have always used them in bathrooms as coat hooks. My favorite reason is because when there is no towel on them they look like art. Also- I 100% always prefers hooks over towel bars for bath towels. The towels dry faster and it takes up less visual space on the wall.


Able Round Mirror- 48”
This is a BIG beautiful mirror. No one will ever guess this is from CB2. It looks very high end. Don’t be nervous about the size! Most spaces can take a much bigger mirror (or art even) than you think. Imagine big and dramatic. Less but better. This. Is. That.
And installation hardware IS included. Pay attention to those notes when you’re reading about an item. If hanging hardware isn’t included you better double check the weight of the mirror and your walls before deciding how to hang it.

Specchio Mirror
I am very surprised that I’m liking most of the CB2 Goop Collaboration. Goop is a “lifestyle” brand. They’re not designers. So the collaboration seemed a bit centered on publicity rather than depth of field. Shallow. I mean Windsor Smith designs all of Paltrow’s homes right? Shouldn’t it be her collaboration? Anyway. It turns out I’m wrong and I actually like a lot of the products. This mirror is one of them. The shape is odd. The frame is simple. It’s a great little something to add interest and reflectivity to a space.

Just Decorative
There are so many accessories to place around your home. My advice is be very selective about what you’re willing to put out and display. Remember LESS BUT BETTER. Mix in meaningful pieces, maybe the vase your kid made when they were 8 with a modern concrete box and some books you love. Then that’s it. Resist the urge to redecorate every season. Add a few touches if you love holidays. Keep it simple. Life isn’t about decorating or consumption. Buy what you love, keep it for a lifetime. (click images to go to the CB2 site.)

Those are my CB2 Accessory recommendations. They all feel high design to me.
I do specify accessories for clients but I strongly feel that everyone needs to also include personal items. Your home needs to feel like you. Model homes or homes you see on TV seem nice, but they could be anybodies. They aren’t personal.
Try to avoid sales unless you’re willing to buy the piece at full price. If you’ll pay full price by all means jump on a sale. But otherwise skip it.
I feel pretty strongly that our society can be too disposable and I don’t want to contribute to that. Lets design our homes and then get on with living our lives.