What I Would Buy- CB2 Furniture Edition

First, this post is not sponsored. These are just stores and items I shop at for my clients. I design custom furniture, specify antiques, and specify designer/ trade only furniture for clients. AND I specify retail for them. I love a mix. I can’t be loyal to a product only because it’s available only to designers when I know a retail item would be best for my client. #sorrynotsorry

Listen not everything a retail store puts out is good. You have to know what you’re looking for to find the good stuff. I won’t buy from every retailer, some are just a serious pain to deal with when problems arise. But CB2 is a go to for me.

I love the products that CB2 is turning out. The style and quality has been great.

This is the furniture I’m loving. Next Friday I’ll do my favorite accessories from CB2. (If you purchase from here I don’t make any $$. This is only to share what I’m loving.) Click the images to see them on the site.


This is my favorite console of all time. It’s skinny. It’s elegant. It’s not fussy or overdone. It. Goes. Away. It’s the solution to almost every space problem. I’ve put this in a ton of design projects. It’s 56” long and only 10” deep.

This chair is detailed in a subtle way and beautiful with how the leather is applied. The is probably the best retail dining chair I’ve come across. It does not look retail. This chair will be timeless. I’m betting that in 10 years this design will be just as relevant as it is today.

My second favorite retail dining chair is the Cleo. You guys dining chairs can really add up and take up a big chunk of your budget. But if you buy right you only have to buy them once in your life. And seriously everyone hates an uncomfortable dining chair. Proportionally so many chairs miss the mark, this one is beautiful. Simple. Elegant. Leather so it’s durable. This pairs with traditional or modern. It’s timeless.

Castafiore Upholstered Bench
The perfect end of bed bench. It’s traditional but also modern. The simple thoughtful lines are a perfect finish for the end of your bed.

This is a middle of the room bench. This is a place in front of your fireplace bench. I love that it’s reminiscent of a military bed, at least to me. It’s so utilitarian. It’s so lux. I’d put this in any style space. Have you noticed that theme? I love mixing modern and traditional. It feels right. Probably the Pisces in me.

The shape and color of this table is so chic. So elegant. For coffee tables I really prefer to have rounded edges. Everyone has clipped their shin on a coffee table corner, it sucks. Even more so for the young people in our houses. I’ve heard rumors that this tips over easily and they’re doing adjustments to make it safer. Estimated shipping right now is November so fingers crossed it’s fixed and they’re shipping then. It’s such a beautiful design. I have a client waiting on it too, this is perfect for them I don’t want to reselect.

I specify this table a lot. I love the touch of green marble. I love the subtly of the design. It fits in tight spaces. It’s elegant. A small drink table belongs in every sitting space.

First off, I don’t specify very many retail dining tables to my clients. The sizes are usually not quite right. Not big enough. And the finishes don’t seem as durable. Remember you get what you pay for. Also so many clients want a leaf and many retail tables don’t have that option and don’t provide in table storage for the leaf.
But I specify them sometimes. Like this gorgeous table will soon be a desk in a client’s home. They have a huge office and two people need to work at the same time. It’s perfect. Its elegant curved lines don’t stand out yet provide a beautiful backdrop. I’m obsessed with it.
I also like this table (would be a beautiful desk too), this one, and this one.

I love the shape of this nightstand. And if you have a low bed then GET IT. It’s only 21” high so it could look weird with a standard really tall American bed. I’d also change the knob. A simple brass knob or a round wooden knob would be perfect. Also if you like matching bedroom furniture here’s my formula. Match the nightstands and the dresser but not the bed. OR do the bed and the dresser but not the nightstands. Never do all of the pieces as a set. And I’d be hesitant to do 2 dressers in one room, put a dresser in your closet instead. (I don’t love the Archer dresser…)

I love wall hanging storage. I love how it’s unexpected and keeps the floor clear making everything look bigger. I have never specified this piece but I love it wouldn’t hesitate to do so if it was right for a project. The leather is unexpected and adds a touch of softness. A pair of these hung butt to butt would be awesome with a TV over it off to the left or right side (not centered).

These are my favs, no explanation. Click the picture to go to the CB2 site.

Jamie House