Introducing House Clicked by Jamie House

Introducing my new design service, House Clicked. This service came out of a desire to assist friends and family with questions they have. It’s so much fun for me that I decided to offer it to everyone. Now I’m available to answer your question without any more commitment from either of us.

From my point of view this has been one of my favorite services. I LOVE full service design, but it’s ongoing over several months and sometimes years before seeing the finished home. This service gives me a chance to share my knowledge and make a real difference in the short term. The best of both worlds.

After answering several House Clicked inquiries I see the value even more. I have been designing homes for over 14 years. I have over 14 years of design ideas, projects, and dilemmas floating in my mind. I have a catalogue of great paint colors and what product options are available at retailers floating in my mind. In addition to knowing what’s available on the market, I’ve also seen just about every design, remodeling, building issue first hand. I am rarely surprised by an issue anymore. But that’s because I’ve seen in real life what works and what doesn’t. Everything is fixable, we can make everything beautiful & thoughtful.

I’m ready to help you fix your misstep, select the paint color, arrange your bookcase, etc. I am excited to share my knowledge with you.

If you’re interested in the service you can click here. After submitting payment you’ll email me your question with any relevant images and even sketches. Anything that will help me see what you’re considering and your final intent. Then within 10 business days I’ll respond to your email with my suggestions. Simple. Simple. Oh and if you don’t want your question to be blogged just say so and I’ll keep it between the two of us.

I’m going to walk you through one of the House Clicked that I’ve answered so far. I’ll be sharing more questions fairly often in the off chance it’ll help or inspire you.

Now what to do about paint? - House Clicked

This House Clicked client emailed about her master bedroom. She recently purchased furniture, switched her bedding and rug from neutral beige tones to blues & grays. Her walls are still builder beige and she’s feeling stuck. The room is just ALMOST there, but something’s missing.

Here’s what we’re working with:

  • Existing bedding & rug

  • Multiple existing art pieces

  • Interesting ceiling (do we highlight it or ignore it)

  • The space must coordinate with the adjacent living space

My goal for a bedroom is always to make it peaceful and soothing. A calm place to be. Right now this room isn’t giving me that vibe. The colors in the bedding and art seem disjointed from the walls.
I came up with two very different options for the paint.

Here’s my number one, this is what I would do if it was my space.

I would paint the walls, the angled ceiling, and the flat ceiling all different colors. But shades of the same color. A sort of ombre look. And I’d go dark. My thinking is go take the blue and go with it. Keep the color and distraction minimal.

The walls are Sherwin Williams Riverway, the angled portion of the ceiling is Delft and the flat ceiling is Tradewind.
Selecting paint colors is tricky without being in the space. Lighting can through everything off. So I gave another color scheme to sample if these don’t work in the room.

Option two isn’t for everyone but I think it’s perfect here with their style and the ceiling. Highlighting any architectural features you have is important. Architecture envelopes us, it should be and feel special.

I sketched the concept as it’s rather hard to explain. It’s tonal racing stripes basically. The stripes will be centered on the bed (the room) and continue onto the ceiling and to the opposite wall (hopefully centered on the TV). This pulls the room together, literally. Because the space already doesn’t feel cohesive I don’t want to introduce another color here. It needs to remain fairly subtle for it to work. I gave a selection of Taupe paint options to try. The idea is to keep the stripes in the same shade as the walls. For instance, if in person, the walls have a slight green undertone, the stripes must be a taupe with a slight green undertone.

I also suggested replacing the dresser lamp with this one. And to replace the brown draperies with simple white ones. A general rule I have for draperies is unless they’re custom and special then go very simple. Blend them to the wall or upholstered furniture. The brown draperies in this space match the wood furniture, but that feels off because of the textures. It adds to the loss of cohesiveness.

I’m excited to see how this space finishes off. I’ll be sure to share here.

If you’ve read till now you get a surprise. All House Clicked offers, USA & EU, are offered at 25% now October 8- October 31, 2018. I can’t wait to help you move forward with your project!

If you’re have a question or would like some professional advice I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here with questions and you can purchase House Clicked here.