What I Would Buy- CB2 Accessories Edition

First, again, this post is not sponsored. I’m just really into what CB2 is putting out lately. Their stuff reminds me of Arteriors and not rip off copies of Arteriors. I will buy accessories from anywhere for a client. No snobbery here. But still it’s about the mix. It can’t all be retail, or trade, or antique. It has to be a combo of at least two of those.

This is the accessories/ lighting/ etc I’m loving. (If you purchase from here I don’t make any $$. This is only to share what I’m loving.) Click the images to see them on the site.

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Introducing Client #makingtheburbscool

We have a great client that purchased a mid-century modern home in the suburbs of Houston. They currently live inner loop (inside the city near downtown) and will be moving to the suburbs to have more space. But they wanted to do it in a cool way. No mass produced builder homes or master planned communities.

And hey there’s nothing wrong with those things if that’s the lifestyle you want. I have my own issues with it after going to high school in Katy Texas but I don’t judge what’s best for you.

The house was built in 1977 and largely untouched. Heavenly.

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What I Would Buy- CB2 Furniture Edition

Listen not everything a retail store puts out is good. You have to know what you’re looking for to find the good stuff. I won’t buy from every retailer, some are just a serious pain to deal with when problems arise. But CB2 is a go to for me.

I love the products that CB2 is turning out. The style and quality has been great.

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