The Art of Living with Kids: Myths

There are a whole lot of stories and requirements that I’ve heard over the years about how a family can live with kids. And I can debunk them all. Often when listening to a family rattle off needs that their kids require I’m thinking, man these sound like some shitty kids. But then I meet them & they’re awesome. They are always awesome.

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JHD Weekender, 7

It’s finally full on fall here in Berlin, as you can see in the picture. It’s gorgeous. That’s no filter you guys. The changing leaves are just stunning this year. But the sun is also setting earlier every day so the dread of the impending winter is still upon us.

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JHD WeekenderJamie House
JHD Design School: Lesson 2, Interior Design Business Success

Welcome back to my self-imposed Design School where I am reviewing my design books, culling lessons from them, and applying them to my life and business. So far I’ve covered Kim Kuhteubl’s book Branding + Interior Design. If you missed it I blogged about it in two parts, part 1 and part 2.

This week I read Designing for Wealth, Four Keys for Interior Design Business Success.

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