Designer Brain.

I found these great images on Houzz by Coffee with an Architect. It may help explain to you why your designer is so weird. We just come by it naturally, or our Latteintakeus Caffiene Ventricals (that's E on the second diagram down y'all) are depleted and need to be refilled to the optimum 3/4 again. ;)

I love clever people.

This weekend was really great. I've been testing out a new schedule to prevent burn out and it's been working out great. Part of that schedule is taking Sunday off completely. No work at all on Sunday. So far I haven't made it the entire day, but even most of the day has been incredibly helpful to me, and my husband appreciates it too ;). 

I did something huge y'all! I can't wait to share. Probably in my next Day In A Life I'll share. 

Have a great week!

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