JHD Weekender, 5

Admittedly sitting down to gather my thoughts has been difficult to make time for but also the most helpful thing, next to meditation, I’ve found for sorting my head. I’m in complete mindful living in Berlin right now. I’m unsure of how long we’ll stay so I want to soak up everything while I can. I mean maybe we’ll be here for years or maybe we’ll start planning our exit soon. I don’t know. I could ramble on for chapters about this so I’ll stop there.

I have found a ton of good things on the internet. Here they are…

  • Sandy Hook architect Jay Brotman testified in front of Congress advocating for softer school design. “..security features, while vital and necessary, should be as invisible as possible and incorporated into the school’s design. Failing to do so puts children’s education, emotional development and pro-social behaviour at risk.” So. Important.

  • A short piece on what it’s like when your personal style evolves.

  • What do you do when a celebrity you like and admire pulls a 180 on you and you suddenly find yourself disagreeing with them ethically/ morally but still enjoy them professionally? (Also known as a Problematic Fave for those of us barely keeping up with pop culture. ;))

  • A cookie recipe. I haven’t made it because I don’t need these sitting around, but I love baking so it’s on my list. I mean with a sentence like this you have to try them, “Once Greenspan's recipe made its rounds, it became known as the "World Peace Cookie," because ‘if everyone had it, peace would reign o'er the planet.’.”

  • Marie Kondo packs a suitcase. Say no more I need this information in my life.

  • Discussing what “Eclectic Style” really means. Hint, it doesn’t mean just throwing a bunch of stuff together without thought.

  • Why artists flock to Berlin.

  • How to impact company innovation through brand. I know, sounds boring. It kind of is. But it’s worth it if you have a brand.

  • How do you handle arguments and fights in your relationship with your significant other? We don’t have anything that works in any real way except talk it out when we’re less heated, but this amazing couple dances. #relationshipgoals

Live your best weekend y’all!