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JHD Weekender, 5

Admittedly sitting down to gather my thoughts has been difficult to make time for but also the most helpful thing, next to meditation, I’ve found for sorting my head. I’m in complete mindful living in Berlin right now.

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JHD Weekender, 3.

I've been busy this month prepping for my upcoming visit to the states. There is a lot to prepare when traveling with a two year old and coordinating what I can actually carry myself in our luggage. Prepping for numerous photoshoots as much as I can from a distance so I'm not overwhelmed once we're there.

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JHD Weekender, 2.

Here we are at the weekend already! I meant to have another blog done. Next week. This has been a cold cold week in Berlin. But it's sunny and dry and that makes the cold bearable. Happily JHD is moving right along into the new month. We're designing a kitchen redo, a nursery, finishing up a new build, a spec house and doing final touches on an engineering office. I'm planning a ton of photography to be done on my next trip to Houston. 

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