Right This Moment.


Sometimes I run across products that I've been dreaming of/ waiting for. I wish daily that I was more handy so I could just make the items I dream up for clients. I always find them a few years later but by then I'm on to something else. Oh being ahead of the curves sucks sometimes! ;) Here's what I'm digging that YOU can buy right now!

Isn't this fan killer?! FINALLY a decent ceiling fan has arrived on the market. There are SO MANY weird/ odd ceiling fans. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely prefer to use a chandelier over a ceiling fan, always. HOWEVER, I do live in Houston & it's 180 degrees today. I understand the need for ceiling fans. When I'm shopping for or recommending ceiling fans my main proirity is to make them blend in. I usually specify white fans with no light kit. The light kits are where things start getting weird. A chandelier hanging off of a ceiling fan? That's WEIRD. I've never seen that look actually work in a room. I did have a client do this....

Yep that's a birdcage hanging from that beautiful chandelier. Don't worry those aren't REAL birds in the cage. I tell you I have some stories to tell! People do the oddest things sometimes. They're sweet people though, so I took it down & we didn't talk about it again;)


Say you want to redo your bathroom, but space is limited. You only have a typical 60" opening. Enter the Kohler Expanse! FINALLY a bathtub that follows the curve of those GREAT curved shower curtain rods. Although let's be honest, the tub should have been invented first, sort of like the egg coming before the chicken. Either way it's fabulous & I can't wait to redo my little bungalow bath & put this in it. {It's not exactly a new product but I'm still head over heels for it. See a designer's life isn't always so exciting;)}

20x200 is an amazing site for finding affordable limited edition art. Each piece is offered as an 8x10 for $20 in a limited edition of 200. So when they sell out, they're gone. MOST prints are offered in larger sizes for more $$ & also can be purchased already framed. You can find almost ANYTHING on the site. Search by subject or color. It's great. Bringing great art into everybody's home. Brilliant. {Shown here is National Treasures by Amze Emmons, Four Kings by Landon Nordeman & Stairway by Tamara Thomsen.}

This is a new one to me but it's bananas! I saw this today on Elements of Style. I am currently thinking about doing my nightstands using the Ikea Rast nightstand & making it look awesome. This site has put me into overdrive thinking of the possibilities! One should NOT underestimate Ikea & all that can be done with their furniture! Ikea hacks anyone? I LOVE seeing how creative people can be! ANYWHO this company brings the Ikea hacking to a whole other level! It's not just for furniture either, use the overlays on mirrors or as room dividers. Greek Key crown molding anyone? The options are limitless. I can't wait to see more of what people do with this great product!