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JHD Design School: Lesson 2, Interior Design Business Success

Welcome back to my self-imposed Design School where I am reviewing my design books, culling lessons from them, and applying them to my life and business. So far I’ve covered Kim Kuhteubl’s book Branding + Interior Design. If you missed it I blogged about it in two parts, part 1 and part 2.

This week I read Designing for Wealth, Four Keys for Interior Design Business Success.

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JHD Design School: Lesson 1, Visibility Pt II

Clients that fit.
This is a big thing to learn when a designer is first out on their own. It’s also something that I think a lot of clients just don’t understand. We’re not all a personality match. And working with an interior designer requires a personality match. At least in residential design.

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JHD Design School: Lesson 1, Visibility Pt 1

Kim’s expertise is finding your true self, your value, and then letting other people see you. After working with her years ago I’d have designer’s asking me “yeah yeah yeah but can she guarantee I’ll be published.” And these designer’s wonder why their clients ask the same odd guarantees of them. Same as is everything in life, if you’re open to it then it’ll work for you.

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