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In review of a Kitchen Design.

One of the first projects, and favorites, that I designed when I first was completely Jamie House Design is this full house remodel in a great inner Houston neighborhood. Right near everything. A Houston Rocket next door. Great neighborhood. And the house is original to it. The owners didn't want to tear down and build giant, like nearly every other house on their street. And you know I loved this. I love an old ranch house. The rambling floor-plans are of my dreams. I never professionally photographed this project sadly. But I'll walk you through the kitchen design with my phone shots. 

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My Berlin Kitchen- Part One

This process has been excruciating. Our beautiful pre war apartment did not come with a kitchen, or any lights, or any cabinets of any kind. Tis normal here. That means however that until we got the keys I couldn't measure or really get down to designing the kitchen. So six weeks of living without an actual kitchen has been pretty terrible, not the worst,

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Nadine Before and After.