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In Pursuit of Hygge.

I know Hygge is a thing. I just never gave it much thought. Then we went to Copenhagen and it clicked for me. I understood Hygge. I also understood how the concept has been used in ways that don’t have much to do with Hygge.

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My Word of the Year, Checking In.

We're at the half way point. Half way through 2018. It's wild. Years are flying by. In my endless search to learn more and improve myself I decided to pick a Word to define my focus for the year, in January. As many have done throughout the years, I just haven't till now. 

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One Year in Berlin

We decided that if we're going to make a big move we have to do it while AJ is little. So we jumped. It's been tough. It's hard to have a small child with no network. It's hard to leave a thriving business. It's hard to start again in a country that speaks a different language, tells time differently (military time has been hard to get used to!), and even uses a different

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