Jamie Shops: Deborah Bowness.

I haven't done a Jamie Shops post in a LONG time. So why not kick it off again with an amazing wallpaper designer? Deborah Bowness creates handprinted wallpapers from images or ordinary items. Ordinary, but in a very not so ordinary way. In fact I'm doing her an enormous injustice by even using the word ordinary in an article about her wallpapers.

Deborah has been designing wallpapers for 10 years. I have never run across wallpaper used AS ART in ordinary homes. I think it's brilliant. Her effects create trompe l'oeil that give rooms a second dimension.

The images, shot by Deborah herself, are digitally printed, hand screenprinted, and then hand coloured to create added depth to the papers. Deborah wants to "constantly challenge preconceived notions of wallpaper and wallpapering by exploring innovative concepts for decorating walls." I think she's succeeding, what about you? Deborah has completed many exhibitions and will work with clients to create custom wallpaper creations. She's worked with many big brands like Christian Lecroix, Philip Stark, Reebok,  Sotheby's and Paul Smith. The standard drop is 3.3m with 54cm width (metric since they're made in England).

Deborah's wallpapers are available Caravan Style and Paper Room. If you know of a US based location please leave it in the comments.